July 17-25, 2020



  • Programs are about an hour or less in length.
  • Daily Disciples (morning devotions) and Prayer Meetings are hosted on Zoom. Meeting details can be found by registering on the Virtual Camp Meeting website.
  • All other programs will be embedded on the Virtual Camp Meeting website and premiered through the Alberta Conference Facebook page and YouTube channel. Youth meetings will also be available on the Youth Facebook page.
  • Programs will be archived on Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo.
  • There will be moderators on each platform during the meetings to engage with viewers and connect them with technical assistance as needed.
  • Technical support is also available during the first weekend by calling the Conference Office at (403) 342-5044. We will be available approximately 30 minutes before the program begins.
  • Technical assistance for the Zoom morning devotions and prayer meetings is available by calling the appropriate phone number included in the connection information.
  • We encourage members to give through the Conference church as is customarily done at Camp Meeting and to reduce the work for local church treasurers. Still, members can donate online through their local church if they wish. Giving information is available at albertaadventist.ca/giving.
  • The Conference will be posting to the Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.


Featured Speakers

Adult Program

  • Terrence Horrell
  • Jeff Potts
  • Gary Hodder
  • Burman University
  • Ghena Girleanu
  • James Wesley
  • David Guzman
  • Moises Ruiz
  • Rudy Alvir
  • Anthony Kern
  • Joseph Batiancila
  • John Murley
  • David Hamstra
  • Roberson Dorelus

Youth Program

  • Kingsley Moyo
  • Lawel Natufe
  • Derek Richter
  • Roberson Dorelus
  • Bryan Saint-Louis
  • Ted Deer
  • Jordane Smith
  • Daniel Madden
  • Paul Antunes
  • Matthew Piersanti
  • Adam Bially

Children's Program

  • Stephen Reasor
  • David Beaudoin
  • Skyla McCreery
  • Stephen Densmore

Prayer Sessions

  • Honey Todd
  • Ted Deer