Daily Disciples (Morning Devotions)

Daily Disciples continues after Virtual Camp Meeting.  Visit www.callofelijah.com for more information


Join us for an exciting interactive meeting each morning in learning practical principles in how to live daily as Disciples of @ 7:00 am from Sabbath July 18th to Sabbath July 25th.  There will worship time, sharing time, lesson time and a daily challenge to put to use what you learn!  Jesus gave the instructions to “Go and make disciples,” these principles will inspire you to both live as a disciple and teach others!  Join Pastors Ted and Sandra Deer as they, together with a daily  presenter, share these powerful messages!


Schedule (7am Daily)

Sabbath, July 18  |  Principle #1: Covenant With Jesus

Sunday, July 19  |  Principle #2: Full Surrender

Monday, July 20  |  Principle #3: Scripture Picture & Prayer

Tuesday, July 21  |  Principle #4: Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Wednesday, July 22  |  Principle #5: Revival Begins in the Home Pt. 1

Thursday, July 23  |  Principle #6: Revival Begins in the Home Pt. 2

Friday, July 24  |  Principle #7: The Lord of the Harvest!

Sabbath, July 25  |  Go and Make Disciples