Evening Meetings

A highlight time for everyone at Camp Meeting, you won’t want to miss 9 of Alberta’s very own Pastors as they share from the Bible, their lives and in creative ways how we can Reflect the Shepherd in real ways during times of crisis. Evening meetings are daily @ 7 pm.


Evening Meeting Videos


Friday Evening July 17


Sabbath Evening July 18


Sunday Evening July 19


Monday Evening July 20


Tuesday Evening July 21


Wednesday Evening July 22


Thursday Evening July 23


Friday Evening July 24


Sabbath Evening July 25


Evening Meeting Schedule

  • FRIDAY JULY 17 - Pastor Terrance Horrell, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  Through Love.”

  • SABBATH JULY 18 - Pastor Ghena Girleanu, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  A Comforting Rod.”

  • SUNDAY JULY 19 - Pastor James Wesley, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  In the World, Not of the World, Always for the World.”

  • MONDAY JULY 20 - Pastor David Guzman, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  Is it True?”

  • TUESDAY JULY 21 - Pastor Moises Ruiz, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  Welcome to the Inner Circle.”

  • WEDNESDAY JULY 22 - Pastor Rudy Alvir, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  The Heart of the Shepherd.”

  • THURSDAY JULY 23 - Pastor Anthony Kern, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  Through Dying to Self.”

  • FRIDAY JULY 24 - Pastor Joseph Batiancila, “Reflecting the Shepherd:  The Sheep and Shepherd’s Relationship"

  • SABBATH JULY 25 -Pastor  David Hamstra, “Stand Alone:  Faithfulness to the Call of God Against the Pull of Other Voices.”