Prayer Meetings

Reflecting the Shepherd 

Join Prayer Ministries Coordinator Honey Todd and her team, including Pastors Ian Bramble, Matthew Piersanti, and Don Corkum, as they lead us into a time of transformational prayer. Take this opportunity to connect to the Shepherd and one another in the morning with your brothers and sisters. How does prayer impact our lives? In our time together, we will explore how prayer can help us: Be a Safe space for the Marginalized Be Humble Be Pure In Heart, Be a Peacemaker, How to Speak Life, Be Fully Dependant on God, Be Fearless, Be Accepting and How to be Intentionally Loving.


Schedule Overview

Visit this site to find a link for our time of prayer as it happens.

  • July 17, 6 pm – 7 pm, we begin our journey into the heart of God and pray for our camp meeting.
  • July 18-25, 8 am – 9 am, we start each day with the good Shepherd.
  • July 20-24, we will have a time of prayer each day at noon for 30 minutes. 


  • July 17, Be A Safe Space for the Marginalized
  • July 18, Be Humble
  • July 19, Be Pure in Heart
  • July 20, Be a Peacemaker
  • July 21, Speak Life!
  • July 22, Be Fully Dependent On God
  • July 23, Be Fearless
  • July 24, Be Accepting
  • July 25, Be Intentionally Loving



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